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About Us

Hasoub Angels is an investment club dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial innovative ecosystem in the Arab Society in Israel through a collaborative and structured approach to angel investing. Our club provides the opportunity for individual investors to pool their resources and expertise to support and capitalize on innovative high potential early-stage startups. Hasoub Angels is industry agnostic but stage specific—we invest in early stage tech ventures focused on, but not exclusive to, Arab entrepreneurs in Israel and beyond.  
Hasoub Angels is an initiative of Hasoub; a grassroots NGO aiming to empower underrepresented Arab tech-entrepreneurs in Israel. 

About Us

Theory of Change


Hasoub Angels vision is to be the premiere angel investment club that empowers passionate Arab and other angels to invest in visionary entrepreneurs and contribute to a thriving local and international entrepreneurial community.

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At Hasoub Angels, our mission is to recruit, train, and enable angel investors within the Arab society in Israel and other angels from abroad to identify and invest in promising high growth startups. We also aim to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary funds, guidance, mentorship, and access to networks that can propel them forward in building better startups. As the local Arab startup pipeline grows, our long term mission is to support impact startups that are established with the intention of generating both financial returns and positive social or environmental impact.  


Our goal at Hasoub Angels is twofold. On the one hand we aim to create a vibrant community of investors, foster collaboration amongst them, leverage their knowledge and expertise, and to maximize their investment returns by leading them to invest in startups with high-growth potential. 
On the other hand, we aim to generate the strongest deal flow via partnering with key stakeholders including other angel clubs, incubators, accelerators, and VCs. We aim to support the entrepreneurs not only financially but also by providing mentorship and guidance and by connecting them with relevant networks, accessing resources and markets. 

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Join US

To ensure that we maintain a community that is aligned with our mission, we seek members that are Experienced Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Well-Connected Networkers, Passionate Impact Seekers and Collaborative Team Players. For individuals who are passionate about angel investment but acquire no prior angel investment experience we also offer our exclusive angel investing training program.

For Angel Investors

Join us on our journey to shape the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, we can create value and make a meaningful impact on the startup ecosystem.

For Entrepreneurs

If you are a startup seeking fund, join our pipeline and unlock the potential capital, expertise, mentorship, and connections to accelerate your startup’s growth and make a lasting impact.

Join Us



Sandra Ashhab



Forsan Hussein

Executive Chairman



Guy Horowitz

Partner, Growth Equity 


Ron Moskovitz

Fintech entrepreneur, 
tech investor


Yoram Yaacovi

Venture Partner
SCGC Capital, Inc


Yahal Zilka

Managing Partner @10D


Rabea Zioud

Co-founder & CEO @Hasoub


Waleed Afifi

Owner - Afifi Group


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Contact Us

Hasoub Angels is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority

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