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During the past 4 years we’ve conducted several events and programs in places like Google Campus, Microsoft space, WeWork and other co-working spaces in Tel-Aviv area, and there we’ve experienced and learned how vital such places are to the ecosystem, and how is it that when a place is nearby and accessible people start to gather and communities start to form. So, we believe that bringing such centers to our society will help facilitating innovation, helping entrepreneurs, inspiring younger ones and hopefully shifting the mindset of our society towards entrepreneurship to positively impact our economy.

The Garage

HASOUB GARAGE is our innovation and technology center and coworking space for entrepreneurs from the Arab minority in Israel. It’s located in Wadi-Ara in the triangle area where there are 6 major Arab cities and 23 villages, total of 300,000 citizens. The current building is 500m2, and it’s part of a planned 11,000m2 project for culture, education and economic development in the area. The main goal of the center is to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation in the area through programs for entrepreneurs and investors, in addition to providing educational programs and help inspiring the coming generations.

In the Garage

  • Coworking Space + Incubator for entrepreneurs

  • Acceleration Program + angel investments program

  • Workshops & Sessions + community events

We're getting closer t o finish stage 1

The construction works in Hasoub Garage are up and running, as we are moving forward into the finals stages of the project, we need your support to get it done with no further delays.

Donate Now

We need your support to get it done with no further delays

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