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Hasoub started when two young and passionate Arab technologists decided in 2014 to start meeting weekly to hack, learn and create things together. Week after another, the two became five, the five became 20, and the 20 turned into an entire community - a community for Arab technologists and entrepreneurs by Arab technologists and entrepreneurs.


We were all sharing an amazing time and experience, but at the same time we also shared the pain of exclusion (and its financial consequences on our society). We decided to act, and in Jan 2015 Hasoub’s first public event was conducted, discussing tech-entrepreneurship in our own Arab towns and villages.


Eventually, this community turned into a grassroots movement, engaging thousands of participants in dozens of projects and events.


Along the way it seemed that wherever we looked there was a need, so we ended up working with so many different segmentations in our community, ranging from kids to student to entrepreneurs and engineers. And we tried to answer multiple pains and needs, from raising awareness to employment to facilitating entrepreneurship.


But moving forward and shifting from a social movement to an organization, we knew we should be focusing. And after a long and deep process, we came to the realization that we should be focusing filling the pipeline with more potential Arab entrepreneurs, and to this by building communities around tech-entrepreneurship to empower university students and early-stage entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, network and resources they need to pursue their dreams and build their startups.


Currently Hasoub’s does this through two main platforms: “Hasoub On Campus” and “Hasoub In Town”.

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