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The London Roadshow is a collaboration between the British Embassy and Hasoub, which will bring five leading Arab startups to London for four days of skills development, business evolvement and network expansion.

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Startups will undergo a tailor-made programme, meet-up with British VCs and top tech experts, as well as acquire the desired theoretical and practical tools, to assist them in developing their startups and expand their business operations.

About The UK Israel Tech Hub & British Embassy

The UK Israel Tech Hub is a not-for-profit venture operating out of the British Embassy Israel since 2011. The embassy maintains and develops relations between the UK and Israel. The Hub was founded by the UK government as a means to drive economic growth by helping British companies partner with cutting-edge technology from Israel. The Hub has earned a strong reputation as the finest “resident experts'' in Israel, one of the world’s leading clusters of technology and innovation.

About Hasoub

Hasoub is a grassroots NGO paving the way for the coming generation of Arab tech-entrepreneurs. Hasoub’s goal is to help create a more productive Arab society, prospering with entrepreneurship and innovation, and a more diverse and inclusive “Startup Nation”. Hasoub focuses on 3 pillars, building infrastructure inside the Arab cities/villages, filling the pipeline with more potential Arab entrepreneurs/engineers by building communities around tech-entrepreneurship and empowering them with the knowledge, skills, network and encourage the Arab business people and investors to invest in tech startups in order to lead to social and economic change.

More About The Programme

Among the many activities planned for this delegation, startups will traverse and indulge in various topics, such as: Customer Discovery, Finance Readiness and Strategy, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Increasing Sales. Startups will also hear from, and engage with, British VCs, fundraisers, government bodies and corporates. As well as, meet and network with UK founders and entrepreneurs.


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