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Cinematheque Umm al-Fahm


Building on from Hasoub’s activities over the past year, we are holding our 2nd annual conference this October! Bringing together Arab students, high-tech employees, entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors, we aim to showcase and leverage upon the power of network, so as to shape the future of tech-entrepreneurship in Arab society.

Hasoub Conference 2019 is not only Hasoub’s biggest event; it is also the biggest tech event in Arab society! The conference is expected to bring together over 500 participants. 

The Conference is designed to not only create networking opportunities among like-minded peers, but to also provide help for students and early-stage entrepreneurs to access the tech & entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Main Stage Speakers

Professional Track (Career Planning and Development) Speakers

Professional Track (Cross-Border Collaboration) Speakers

Professional Track (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) Speakers


Professional Tracks
8:30 AM
Arrival and Registration
9:00 AM
Professional Tracks
Only for successfully registered participants
11:15 AM
Networking Lunch
Opening of Recruitment Booths
Main Stage
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
1:30 PM
1:45 PM
Registration for Main Stage
Opening Remarks
Dr. Ami Appelbaum
(Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority & Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry) 
Sharing of Insights
Professional Track (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
1:50 PM
Mr. Alan Feld 
(Founder and Managing Partner, Vintage Investment Partners)
2:05 PM
Eden Shochat
(Equal Partner, Aleph)
2:20 PM
Mr. Adham Ghazali
(CEO & Co-founder, Imagry)
2:30 PM
Ms. Amani Abu Tair 
(Founder & CEO, WAZZA) 
2:40 PM
Sharing of Insights 
Professional Track (Cross-Border Collaboration)
2:45 PM
We are One - The Power of Network
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
4:00 PM
4:10 PM
4:20 PM
4:35 PM
4:55 PM
Networking Break
Sharing of Insights
Professional Track (Career Planning and Development)
Fireside Chat 
Mr. Rony Friedman (Manager, Apple Israel)
Moderator: Ms. Nawa Jahshan (CEO, Co-Impact)
Ms. Mira Awwad
(CEO & Co-founder, Mirrori)
Mr. Mahmoud Kinana
(Co-founder, Forqan Smart Tech)
Fireside Chat 
Dr. Yoav Intrator (Head of Innovation and Technology Center in Israel, JPMorgan Chase)
Moderator: Mr. Ahmad Mwassi (Manager of the Arab Community, Edmond De Rothschild Foundation) 
Hasoub Showcase: Campus Startup Cup Winners' Pitches
(Coolit, MRS.BreastfeedinCare, Pitch It ) 
Closing Remarks
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recruitment booths

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Hasoub Conference 2019 Professional Tracks, held before the Main Stage of the conference programme, are designed to bring members of the community together to discuss and tackle key challenges they might face. It provides a rare opportunity for participants to kickstart their networking and to have fruitful discussions with different partners in the Arab tech-entrepreneurship ecosystem.


These Tracks will also end off with track participants giving a short sharing about the valuable insights generated, during the main conference itself. 

With limited slots available, participants can choose to join the track they are most passionate about by indicating your interest in the Conference registration form below.