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1:00PM -1:30PM
Opening Remarks

Mr. Aiman Saif and Mr. Rabea Zioud will welcome the audience to The New Normal Conference.

1:30PM - 1:45PM
Prof. Yossi Matias, VP Engineering, Search & AI Research at Google

Prof. Matias is the Vice President of Engineering, at Google, Search, and AI. He is the global leader of Crisis Response efforts; He is also the founding managing director of Google's R&D Center in Israel and the founding co-lead of Google's for Social Good initiative. Prof. Matias is a recipient of the Godel Prize and is an ACM Fellow. He is a recipient of the 2019 ACM Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for seminal work on the foundations of streaming algorithms and their application to large-scale data analytics. The main idea of this discussion revolves around the post-COVID-19 era consequences and how to accommodate with the current situation along with ensuring successful business operations.

1:45pm - 2:10pm
 Panel  Arab Municipalities within our New Normal

COVID-19 pandemic has forced every country and institution around the globe to adopt new modes of working. It has made us realize the advancement of technology that we were not aware of. We have opened to diversity day by day. One of the fine examples of this is remote working. Remote working has given us a chance to work outside the traditional office. In some Arab villages and cities, a third lockdown was imposed because of growing corona cases. The rising question for the Arab municipalities is that, are they ready to avoid another wave of Coronavirus?


How pandemic has brought pressure to the Arab municipal staff and how they responded to the outbreak. To be more precise, what measurements and adaptations have they embraced to lower the number of increasing cases and how they managed to ensure the health of their community in this pandemic?


The coronavirus pandemic caused major distress and forced the municipalities to respond in emergencies with different and unbiased approaches. In the following situation, how are they responding to the 'new normal'?

  • Mr. Aiman Saif,  Chairman at Hasoub, Head of the Coronavirus Administration in the Arab Society 

  • Dr. Yousef Awawdi, Mayor of Kafr Kanna

  • Mr. Mudar Younis, Mayor of Ara - Arara & Head of the National committee of Arab Mayors

  • Dr. Muhammad Nabari, Former Mayor of Hura, CEO at Yanabia

2:10pm - 2:40pm
 Panel  Career Development and Community Engagement
Moderator: Ms. Jumana Hakim, D&I Communities Manager and Project North Leader

Community plays a significant role in the development of its individuals. For instance, our network is an outstanding epitome of coordination. How do we help each other? How the community is shaped by the needs of the individuals. How the community can boost confidence and conversion rate.


Community and individuals are interdependent because it is the community which inculcates positivity and optimism in individuals. To what extent the success of an individual depends on the community? 


How collective action responds to community development and how it helps in generating solutions?


How far is the connection important to reserve the community? How can these communities be maintained in the long run?


  • Ms. Reem Amara, Firmware Engineer at Intel Corporation, AIC active member, AWSc team leader

  • Mr. Hazem Khattab, Hi-Tech Sector Manager / YCC Forum Manager at Co-Impact

  • Ms. Tala Khazen, PhD Candidate in Neuroscience and a COO in AWSc forum

  • Mr. Samer Aamar, Senior Software Engineer and Data Scientist, Dynamics365 Recommendation

2:40pm - 3:00pm
 Panel  Work from Home: Pros and Cons
  1. Will remote working become the new normal? 

  2. Employers and workers have adapted new ways to get their work done. How this change is affecting our lives? What are the benefits and drawbacks of remote working? 

  3. How workplace technology has decreased the distance of boundaries and opened ways for new opportunities?

  4. How working from home is affecting our personal and professional life?


  • Mr. Louai Ghalia, Software Developer at eko

  • Ms. Duna Wattad, Physical Design Engineer at Apple

  • Mr. Shadi Rian, Cyber Security Team Lead/ Full Stack Engineer at ZoomInfo

  • Mr. Saeed Kharouf, Logic Design Engineer at Qualcomm

3:00pm - 3:20pm
Fireside Chat: Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, Microsoft Corporate Vice president, Cloud & AI security CTO, Israel R&D Center General Manager

Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies in the world, the company products in almost every house and organization. Microsoft is the first company to open an R&D site in an Arab city, In Nazareth. Recently Microsoft was ranked as the best workplace in the High tech industry according to the rating of Dun and Bradstreet.

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk is Microsoft Corporate Vice president, Cloud & AI security CTO, Israel R&D Center General Manager.


The session will focus on her journey, Microsoft and the role of its R&D sites, the New Normal, and how the Arab society can better integrate into the tech industry.

Interviewing Michal, Ms. Nawa Jahshan, CEO of Co-impact the partnership for a breakthrough in Arab employment. Nawa has extensive knowledge in working with big corporations and multinational companies in order to better engage the Arab society in the workforce.

3:20pm - 3:25pm
Arab Angel Investor Club, Founders club Updates
3:25pm - 3:50pm
 Panel   Start-ups: survival and prosperity

What are the impacts of the pandemic on entrepreneurship?

What are the challenges and opportunities to be an entrepreneur during the covid-19?

What are the new windows of opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the post Covid-19 world? What are your suggestions for them to take full benefits of these opportunities?

What do you suggest for start-ups that are facing multiple problems due to pandemic?

They should make necessary changes to their businesses, or they take important measures to switch to remote working or what about completely new business models


  • Ms. Hanadi Said, CEO at Sensai

  • Dr. Hasan Abasi, Founder & CEO at HAAT

  • Mr. Aziz Kaddan, Co-founder & CEO at Myndlift

3:50pm - 4:10pm
Fireside Chat: Maty Zwaig, CEO of Scale-Up Velocity by Start-Up Nation Central
  1. What about start-up nation central. Is it only in Tel Aviv or is it really central and inclusive?

  2. Is the experience of the working team the only way to solve the issues and bridge the gap. Or what other solutions are there in mind?

4:15pm - 4:40pm
 Panel  The Venture Capital in the New Normal

How to make the right decisions during and after the covid-19 era, with respect to new opportunities from investment and profit-making view?  

As change is the only constant, how would you see people taking the risk in new ventures and businesses because of   opportunities created by the Covid-19.?


  • Mr. Habib Hazzan, Managing General Partner of Ibtikar VC 

  • Mr. Fadi Swidan, VP Marketing and Business Development, Takwin VC

  • Mr. Mohamed Hibi, CPA, Partner, Professional Department and Director of Nazareth Office, Deloitte

4:40pm - 5:00pm
Fireside Chat: Anya Eldan- VP Innovation Authority

Start-up strategies and innovation

  • How much potential is needed to invest in Arab start-ups?

  • How can this potential bring positive outcomes?

4:55pm-5:15 pm
Fireside Chat:
Prof. Jihad Elsanaa - Dean of CS at BGU

Pandemic has impacted every sphere of life. It has changed each and every institution and even the social behaviour of the public. Similarly, the educational framework has changed a lot. How would you assist students and professionals to get maximum advantages of these novel concepts?

 Panel Power Skills for Jobs of the Future

How the new normal increased the chances for the minorities? 

How diversity unfolded more opportunities?

How remote working has changed working conditions? 

In the long run, how would you see this diversity helpful for the development of the global community?

5:40pm -6:00 pm
Fireside Chat: Yuval Hofshy- CTO eko

CTO and VP R&D at eko, choice-driven content creation and publishing platform.Yuval started programming at age twelve and launched his first venture when he was sixteen years old. He lead the development of products and services across many industries, from consumer electronics and manufacturing, to cloud-based products which serve millions of users. Yuval has been a part of some of Israel’s most outstanding tech achievements and some of its glorious failures. He learned a lot doing both. He also volunteers at schools, where he teaches software to kids.

6:00pm - 6:25pm
 Panel  Impacts of COVID-19 on global innovation

How pandemic will affect investment in global innovation?

Where Global-Innovation stands in Pandemic?

Are global innovation hubs in crisis or emerging stronger?

How is the new normal changing the rules of the game?


  • Leena Zoabi Abu Mukh, Head for International Cooperation at Skolkovo Foundation

  • Jumana Muwafi, Senior Vice President at Synopsys Inc, IP Solutions

  • Dona Haj, Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub

  • Anna Marti, Head Global Innovation Hub

  • Omar Hassan, Managing Director at Global Growth Hub

  • Armin Reinartz, Former Director at Global Innovation Hub & Greater China Unit, Friedrich Naumann Foundation  

6:25pm - 6:55pm
Campus Startup Cup 2020 - Final

A three months annual student competition takes place which is specially designed for the extra-ordinary candidates. It provides a window of opportunity for ambitious students to get all the necessary information for their start-ups. This program is open to all students irrespective of their educational institutions and degrees.

In the beginning, 14 groups joined the project this year, 5 were selected during the semi-pitch stage and at the end, 3 winners will be selected during the conference.

6:55pm - 7:00pm


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