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Hasoub's programs and activities for Arab students inside university campuses. Where we help to empower them with the entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, and skills they need to thrive as entrepreneurs and technologists.


  • HASOUB CAMPUS CHAPTERS: Our infrastructure inside the campuses, wherein each campus we have a team of volunteers managing the community, running the events and coordinating our OnCampus projects.

  • STUDENTS CAREER PROGRAM: Partnering with different organization and entities to help students from our campus communities to find proper employment in the tech industry. Main community segment: Arab students, year 2+ who are seeking jobs in the hi-tech industry.

  • CAMPUS STARTUP CUP: A year-long cross-campus program in the form of a competition, including talks, hackathons, mentoring, boot camp and a pitching night. Main community segment: Arab students, year 2+ who has ideas for technological innovation and want to know how to pursue them







"Change happens from within", that's why in this project we're focusing on building communities around tech-innovation inside Arab towns and villages. We believe that empowering these communities will help them create the sustainable economic and social change Hasoub is seeking.


  • HASOUB GARAGE An innovation and technology center and coworking space for Arab entrepreneurs and technologists, located in Wadi-Ara. (converting a 100 years old building in Arara to a garage)

  • STARTUP SCHOOL: Meetups, sessions, workshops and courses around tech-entrepreneurship inside Arab towns and villages. Main community segment: Young people (18-35) interested in developing and pursuing technological innovative ideas but lack the knowledge/skills/resources to do so.

  • A program aiming to expose ANGEL INVESTORS PROGRAM: business men and women from the Arab society to the hi-tech investments. Done in partnership with an academic partner (university) and an industry partner (venture capital fund). Main community segment: Second generation members of family businesses.


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