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Paving your way into High-Tech

Hasoub PAIRS, is a newly-launched pilot program that connects Arab students from the Tech field with mentors from the High-Tech sector. The program is open for registration twice a year. mentors will meet with their mentees over 4 months period with 16 hours in total, with a focus on addressing specific jointly-identified challenges facing the mentee to start their career and get involved in the High-Tech sector

You will get
Having an engineer as an "older sibling" in the High Tech industry
Job Fair Events
Membership in Hasoub Hightech community
One-on-one Mentor/mentee
Intensive skill-building program 
Mock-ups interviews
And much more ..
Your mentor could be one of these big companies
Who can apply as a Mentee?

Highly motivated students who are in thier third year of thier studies or last 4 semesters to finish, and are looking for an opportunity to become part of the Hi-Tech industry

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