Full price for the course is 2200 NIS 
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In partnership with fresh.fund, Hasoub is launching a unique hands-on VC analyst training course for students, recent grads and young professionals, who want to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to think like an investor and ultimately become one.



Refreshingly simple funding for

Pre-seed startup founders in Israel

 is a leading Israeli pre-seed venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups across segments and verticals.
We're built to partner with early-stage founders from day one, often as the company's first institutional investors. Our model is refreshingly simple: up to $250,000 in pre-seed funding within 2-8 weeks and follow-on capital as necessary (e.g. check out the A round we recently led in Remilk).
To date we've invested in over 20 startups, 90% of whom have gone on to raise follow-on capital from top-tier investors from Israel and around the world. 


We believe the academic ecosystem in Israel is a hotbed for pre-seed startups. That’s why, in addition to investing in pre-seed startups more broadly, we also contribute to university entrepreneurship programs and invest in startups founded by students, graduates and researchers.

The Investor’s Course democratizes venture capital. As part of our mission to vitalize the academic startup ecosystem, we teach a course training student to think entrepreneurially. Students graduate the program with a comprehensive understanding of the venture capital industry and how venture capitalists evaluate investment opportunities.

To date, hundreds of students from the leading academic institutions in the country and from diverse backgrounds and fields have graduated successfully from the program. The course has been a ramp for students to be part of the Israeli startup ecosystem and many of them have gone to found startups, become part of venture capital firms and work in leading companies.


Why us?

The Hasoub-fresh.ed course is one of its kind professional courses, it is based on a unique IP invented by fresh.fund and perfected during the 4 years the program has been running in various campuses across Israel (Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, IDC, The University of Haifa, The Technion, etc).


The young professional that will be selected to join fresh.ed will undergo a rigorous training program designed to equip them with the basic tools they’ll need to identify investment opportunities and evaluate early-stage companies. 

After the course, a select group of alumni will be invited to join the future Hasoub fund’s investment team or to participate in an ad-hoc investment process where they would play an active role reviewing companies and in making investment decisions.

The meetings will start at 19.5.2021 and to be held at Haifa-Invent (tentatively)

Every Wednesday from 17:00-21:00


Course content


We will get to know the basic concepts of the language of entrepreneurship and the world of venture capital investments.


We will learn what a venture capital fund is, how it operates, how its business model works. We will understand the differences between different types of investors & investment funds.


We will go behind the scenes of the investment process, dive together into the intricacies of the various investment contracts and learn the various investment mechanisms and what the rationale is behind them.


We will step into the shoes of investors and analysts and analysts in a venture capital fund and learn to assess and analyze the viability of investing in a startup from the set of considerations that investors take into account, including market research.


We will study and analyze test cases of real startups and make investment decisions together, as part of the class discussions.


We will meet investors and investors and entrepreneurs who will share with us their experience and perspective of how venture capital funds operate and what investment processes look like.

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Full price for the course is 2200 NIS 
200 NIS of which is collected upon registration